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MK1 RS2000 in Motorsport

Although popular with the privateers, the Mk1 RS2000 never really had much involvement in motorsport as a works car - but then it was never built for that purpose. Whereas the RS1600 came about to provide Ford with a means of participating successfully in motorsport, and in particular rallying, the RS2000 was launched for commercial rather than competition reasons.

Roger Clarke did win the 1974 Mintex Dales in an RS2000, driving AOO 674L. Incidentally, this was the only time he actually rallied an RS2000.


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Roger Clark's RS2000, A00 674L on the 1974 Mintex Dales


However, the most notable success was on the Avon Tour of Britain. This was an event designed to incorporate both rallying and circuit racing into one event, featuring rally and race drivers from all over the world.


Roger Clarke driving PVX 445M

Roger Clark on the 1974 Avon Tour of Britain


In 1974, on its debut works outing, Ford entered two Group One RS2000's. One was driven by Roger Clark with Jim Porter as his co-driver and the other by Gerry Marshall paired with Paul White. Driving a pair of white RS2000's, Clark headed home in first place driving PVX445M, closely followed by Marshall in PVX 446M.


Roger Clark leads Gerry Marshall

Roger Clark leads Gerry Marshall in 1974 Avon Tour of Britain


Clarke In Action Again On Tour of Britain



In 1975, Tony Pond also took victory on the Avon Tour of Britain driving TFR 8, a privately owned and entered RS2000.



During the same year Tom Walkinshaw,  made appearances in the British Saloon Car Championship. Driving a green Mk1 RS2000 with dark green decals, his success however was limited.


Tony Pond in 1975

Tony Pond drives to victory in 1975 Avon Tour of Britain




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